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We would like to help you facilitate any social-tech entrepreneurial event you are looking forward to host in Ibadan. We are here to make sure you deliver on a successful event and most importantly have a lasting impact on the community, which is why we are here. Read through our partnership agreement document. If this works with you, please go ahead to fill the partnership request form below.

Apply for partnership with iBridge Hub. You are required to fill a from.

Kindly, note that this form is meant to guide us at iBridge Hub in planning our logistics and marketing strategies for your event. Hence we request that you give a clear cut information. But please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions for partnership document and agreed before you proceed to fill this form.  

Thank you!

Application Form

Terms and Conditions

All programmes or events shall align to and promote our determination to provide ideas, solve problems and deploy our creativity to address issues in the city, collaborate & network to help address the challenges of these times.

Every activity or event to be organized by any member or partner from other organization shall give appropriate acknowledgement and recognition to iBridge Hub e.g fliers and posters shall carry the hub’s logo, the hub must be mentioned in any post, given airtime to talk about the hub’s mission.

All partnership events have to be communicated to the management with a good notice gap (at least two weeks). Failure to do this might lead to inefficiency and ineffectiveness in planning.

The event to be staged must be clearly described and defined for the management to grasp and other members to understand.

All requests for usage of our facilities are subject to approval by iBridge Hub and her sister organization – NuStreams Conference and Culture Centre. Kindly note that usage of our facilities is dependent on whether there is no paid event to be held at the same time partners want to have theirs. This is to avoid clashes and argument.

All partners shall ensure that the events being conducted are within the stated capacity of the facilities being utilized.

For events and in the event of damage to our facilities by our partners, the partners shall accept the amount of repair and replacement costs as estimated, or otherwise determined, by the Hub Administrator and shall pay the hub for such repair and replacement costs upon demand.

In the event that there is inconsistency or some sort of manipulation that was not clearly stated during approval, we have the right to terminate an event at any time if there is anything objectionable taking place.

Thank you,
The Management, ^iBridge Hub
& NuStreams Conference and Culture Centre

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