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Innovation doesn’t need permission. Here’s what it does need.
Babatunde Kujore article

When you’re building something that you believe in — whether it’s something that has the huge power to shake the foundations of everything that has come before it, or just a simple idea that keeps you awake at night — your dream is to innovate.

Innovative thinking requires boundless thinking. It requires you to shake off the shackles of the standard and systemised and popularly accepted thought processes and patterns that you’ve been imprinted with. It requires you to conceptualise without limits.

That’s why innovation doesn’t need permission.


At the forthcoming South West Regional E-Commerce Summit & Expo from  Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th March, 2020 at NuStreams Conference & Culture Centre. There will be over 30 speakers delivering 40+ hours of content across 24+ sessions. Delegates will have an unprecedented opportunity to hear exclusive, brand-new content from speakers that will be addressing the power of market-creating innovation, understanding the job your product or service is hired to do & how innovation increases the odds of success. – Many for the very first time!

Furthermore at the summit you will learn about the latest technologies, trends and business models and interact with the ecosystem to embrace innovation.

Through generous contributions from our sponsors and partners, we are pleased to offer attendance scholarships for those in need of financial assistance to attend the 2020 Innovation Kitchen.


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