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Why digital marketing is important for Small and Medium Businesses
Babatunde Kujore article

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are a rising phenomenon that has a high growth rate across many countries. This massive surge is more noticeable in the developing countries. As budget cuts are being made in many industries, the best option for businesses of all sizes is to go digital.

In today’s complex and fast paced world where everything is going digital, SMBs have realised that they cannot stay aloof if they want success. You have to gradually build an online presence that reflects your values and is in sync with your goals.


How important is digital marketing?

People love to Google. Whenever they need information, on literally anything, people Google it. You should ensure that your business ranks high in Google search results using the proper SEO strategies.

The use of influencers is another form of word-of-mouth marketing campaign where they talk positively about you and your brand. But, when it comes to email marketing, you have to be a cut above the rest.

The impact of social media for Small and Medium Businesses cannot be overstated. Digital marketing, especially social driven marketing strategies, helps small businesses to compete with larger corporations, establish enhanced engagement with customers, increase click rates and gain more revenue, all at a significantly reduced budget.


Benefits of Digital Marketing for SMBs.

  • It generates better intel on your customers and provides increased ROI
  • You can build your own audience of loyal customers by establishing direct communication between you and your customers
  • Real-time customer service is made possible when you go digital
  • You can maintain contact with your customers via multiple devices depending on their choice of device, place, time or need
  • With digital marketing, you can gather significant and accurate measurement and analysis of customer behaviour and engagement
  • Digital marketing saves you a lot of money on advertising

You must also note that none of this will be of any use if the quality of your communication is poor. Quality is imperative if you want to maintain a sustained and engaging presence online. Your digital strategy must be both creative and relevant to your business and customer interests. This is what makes or breaks your business.


Needs Assessment and Competition Analysis

A ‘needs assessment’ can shine some light on where you stand in the market and put your digital marketing strategy into great perspective. This basically includes analysis of current marketing efforts, marketing channels currently being used, target audience and their demographic, best online content, digital marketing goals and current budget allocation of your business.

Competition analysis guides you about the best practices currently being utilised by your competitors. You can learn a lot from your competitor’s strategies; insights gained from them can help you outperform them.


In Conclusion

The benefits of digital marketing cannot be ignored for SMBs. If you don’t have a digital strategy in place, you should start one as soon as possible. You must also sharpen your skills, knowledge and awareness in digital marketing if you want to succeed.

Once a strategy is implemented, SMBs can expect to see results after six months. You shouldn’t abandon the strategy mid-way as it is difficult to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. There are many analytical tools that can create comprehensive reports to help you develop a successful digital marketing strategy. Follow the cycle of creation, implementation, analysis, review and rework.

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