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We live in a digitally dominating world. Technology is shaping our culture like never before. Yet over and over again we hear the same question: "how does it affect my business, school, home, laundry, my profession, church, laundry, career, education, my children?".

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On October 1st, 2012, the founder of iBridgeHub, Francis Madojemu began the iBridgeHub as an inspiring contemporary open space where young entrepreneurs and innovators in the city of Ibadan can bring their ideas to reality. Since then, he has been joined by other bright minds in running iBridgeHub.

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team member

team member

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iBridge at Work

Researching, identifying, discovering technological solutions and building innovative solutions solving bridges for organizations and the general public. Broadly, all technology will fall into two categories: network, and interface. One will connect devices; the other will connect a device with a human.

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